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 Hello i think i app here (lv 70 warr gupala)

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PostSubject: Hello i think i app here (lv 70 warr gupala)   Mon Jan 14, 2008 10:37 pm

I don't see any way to offically apply so ill just post my info and hope u get back to me

Characters: Gupala , Allied
Level: 70 , 70
Class: Warrior , Mage

Warrior info

MC / Ony / BWL/ NAxx/ Kara Attunement

Prot gear
298 Nature resist
76 Fire resist (can get more)
105 Arcane resist
489 defense
19% dodge
18% parry
19% block
14000ish Armor
4/5 tier 4
13k health

IF you need me prot spec
just tell me
im really bad at making money
so i may need some forwarding of money but ill gladly pay back

Fury -
1418 power
127 hit rating
30% crit chance
9k health

I hit rank 10 on my warrior
i am exalted with
Cenarion Expedition
Frostwolf Clan
Sha'tari Skyguard
The Violet Eye
Warsong Outriders

You can look up my characters on armory


I have /played 120 days on my warrior
about /played 40 days on my mage

If theres any more info u need tell me
Thanks for looking at my app

Additional comments
My mage a while back has gotten hacked
Lost all his gear / professions
so thats why hes in such bad gear

Bamsham and Peloff recommended me to this guild
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Character sheet
spec: holy/disc/shadow
raiding preference: anytime

PostSubject: Re: Hello i think i app here (lv 70 warr gupala)   Tue Jan 15, 2008 1:06 am

wow im impress Very Happy
u r in already so welcome Very Happy


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Hello i think i app here (lv 70 warr gupala)
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